Offshore Nuclear


                                                                OFFSHORE NUCLEAR

Letter to the Secretary of the Navy:

I am putting forth an idea that I hope that the Navy can implement to help our nation and the world.

I believe that the Navy can use its current and future nuclear fleet to supplement the nation's power grid.  I do not know what the power output of each nuclear vessel is, perhaps that information is classified, but I do know that the Navy is in a unique position to supply power to this nation and even underdeveloped regions of the world.

Instead of taking years to get a land based nuclear power plant up and running, the nation can immediately benefit if current Navy nuclear ships were allowed to plug directly into the nations power grid.  As the Navy rotates its fleet, those ships coming into port for R & R can plug into the local power grid.  Even in locations where there is no port, the Navy can park offshore and plug into any power grid.  What this means is that the Navy would obtain a reliable source of revenue other than the congressional budget. 

The Navy could also use its nuclear fleet to produce a reliable source of hydrogen by using electrolysis of water technology.  Sea water can be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen.  Both hydrogen and oxygen can then be sold commercially; hydrogen for hydrogen-fuel cell vehicles and oxygen for medical and industrial uses.

The Navy can also provide power from ship to shore after natural disasters like hurricane Katrina.  

The advantage of an offshore nuclear power source that is protected by the military assets of the United States Navy is enormous.  It would be a win/win situation for both the nation and the Navy because it would not take long to initiate such a program.  There would be a strong demand to expand our nuclear fleet to cover every corner of the nation's coastline.  There will also be a great call for setting up offshore power supply bases in several parts of the world that are without a reliable supply of energy.  The concept of a financially independent military can become a very popular idea with baby boomers that see the rise in the national debt as a threat to social security and their retirement.  

If by law the military is not allowed to receive direct payment for the power it provides, then those revenues can go directly to congress and the nation to offset the military budget.

Just imagine what congress would be able to do with tax payer money if there was a financially independent military.  We would be able to rebuild the infrastructure of this nation in a way that is currently unimaginable.

If the Navy is not able to set up this kind of program on their own, perhaps a public/private venture can be put together.  There are many venture capital firms, as well as so called angel investors, who would jump at the chance to work with the Navy to launch this project.

Please advise me of what you think about this idea.


Respectfully, and with much admiration,


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