Contract Wellness

                                                                       Contract Wellness  

A Solution to the Medical Crisis


Families would be asked to sign a “wellness contract” with medical schools to allow; digitization of medical records; regular medical checkups every three to six months; monitoring of diets and exercise activity; limitation of medical liability disputes (must pursue disputes through arbitration); thus allowing medical coverage directly with doctors and independent of insurance companies (reducing costs by reducing the middle men) and allowing doctors to make all decisions concerning medical treatment  instead of insurance personnel .  If the insurance companies are allowed to be involved, they would become companies that insure wellness through prevention programs; they would reward doctors who work to maintain health in patients rather than focusing on illness alone. 

What we get is a built in research study and medical training program, free medical coverage to families, and digitized medical records that can be easily accessed.  Digitized individual medical profiles can be easily compared with historical medical condition profiles, thus allowing for better and faster medical diagnoses of symptoms.   

More and more families are allowed over time to join this program.  As it succeeds, the old illness based medical and insurance system fades out due to competition by this new medical program.

There will be a focus on natural remedy products, diet and exercise, environmental enhancement solutions (detoxification solutions), and anti stress solutions; a.k.a. prevention.

Mobile health teams could go out to visit families on a regular basis to cut down of the need and expense for emergency room and office visits, and to give advice on diets at the home (in some cases actually teaching families how to prepare meals).

We will create a whole new breed of a doctor whose focus is on wellness and prevention of sickness rather than treatment after the presence of sickness; getting ahead of sickness before the need for an expensive hospitalization cure.  

Participating hospitals will be a part of a medical school, a military hospital, or a nonprofit hospital. For profit hospitals will continue on their own for those who can afford to use them.

There will be no need for medical billing because this health industry will be paid by lower cost insurance programs, private and public partnerships, education systems, the military, and by philanthropic donations.



                                               ……………………………………………TO BE CONTINUED