Creationism vs. Evolution

                                                         CREATIONISM VS. EVOLUTION

For quite a long time there has been a debate between Science and Religion about the origin of Man.  Most of us know the details about this argument, so there is no need to go into the particulars of who is saying what.  So, let’s shine the light of Quatrenal Philosophy on the subject and see what happens.


There are two approaches that a Quatrenal mind can take.

a)      By understanding the laws governing the fourth dimension,  represented geometrically by the tesseract where flat planes of a cube extends out infinitely, we can see that God is not confined by time and space. Therefore, God can step through time and space and place his creations anywhere and at anytime according to his Will. 


b)      Religion states that God created the universe, which means that He set the process of dimensional reality into motion.  He existed before there was time or space, because He created time and space.  Therefore, the Quatrenal mind tells us that God’s days are measured not by man’s measurements but by his own; and one of God’s days could measure a billion of man’s years. 


Lets allow our Quatrenal minds to envision how God planned our universe right down to the most sub-atomic particle, then launched it forward; using only six of his days to allow his wonderful self-willed creation (Man) to come forward.  Resting on his seventh day he then allows himself a visit to Earth for a closer look at his new creation. What took billions of our years only took seven of God’s days. 


What is a day?  It is just one rotation of a given body in motion.  Perhaps heaven is also in motion, and one day in heaven could equal billions of years on earth.  God’s freedom of movement through time and space is beyond most human comprehension; but with a Quatrenal mind we can see that Evolution could just be Creationism in action (or we can say that "Evolution is Creationism set in motion by God").